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Supply: 2,750Price: 0.25 ETHMarch 23-24
Supply: 2,750|0.25 ETH|March
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We believe that media companies shouldn’t serve you ads. They should serve you opportunities.

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Holders of the Now Pass gain access to the Now Network.


Please find answers to common questions below.


What is the Now Pass?

The Now Pass is a collection of 2,750 ERC721A tokens being released on the Ethereum blockchain by the N3 Foundation.


What do I get with the pass?

The Now Pass grants you access to the nft now ecosystem – also known as the Now Network. The Now Network is the foundation for nft now’s initiatives to build the future of tokenized media, pioneer a community-centric media model, and bring about a creator-friendly future.

The Now Network will be built over time, not overnight. For more information on the Now Network and its offerings, please read this op-ed by nft now co-founders Matt Medved and Alejandro Navia.


How do I purchase a Now Pass?

You will need to purchase ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase, Gemini, or Binance. You will subsequently need to transfer your ETH into a non-custodial digital wallet like MetaMask or WalletConnect compatible wallets.

Once you have your non-custodial wallet loaded with ETH, please visit for the official mint date, price, and links.

PLEASE NOTE: Be careful of scammers impersonating the Now Pass. All official information about the Now Pass will be shared on the and websites, the @thenowpass and @nftnow Twitter accounts, and the official Discord’s announcements channel.


How much does it cost to mint?

The Now Pass will be available to mint for 0.25 ETH.


What is the Now Pass supply?

The Now Pass total supply is 2,750.

250 Now Passes will be allocated to nft now’s treasury. Of that allocation, each of nft now’s staff members will receive 1 pass with a 12-month lock up period, and the remainder will be used to support a creator fund and community development initiatives on an ongoing basis.


Where is the mint?

The Now Pass mint will take place on Please double-check official channels and all URLs to avoid scams and phishing attacks.


What are the official channels?

Please note that all official information about the Now Pass will be shared on the and websites, the @thenowpass and @nftnow Twitter accounts, and the official Discord’s announcements channel.

Please disregard any tweets, links, DMs, requests, or other information that is not provided through the official channels. Neither the Now Pass nor nft now will ever reach out to you first. We don’t DM, request, or message anyone from those accounts.


When is the mint?

The Now Pass mint will begin on Thursday, March 23rd with the Phase 1 and Phase 2 allowlist minting windows. If supplies last, Phase 3’s public mint will take place on Friday, March 24th. Please see mint phases below for exact timing.


What are the mint phases?

There will be 3 mint phases detailed below.

Phase 1 (March 23rd • 10AM - 2PM ET): NFT100 Honorees, Next Up Honorees, The Gateway Artists and Speakers, Day One POAP holders, nft now team, investors, and partners

Phase 2 (March 23rd • 2PM - 9AM ET): Allowlist giveaways, community collabs and Premint sign-ups

Phase 3 (March 24th • 9AM ET): Open to the public

Mint phase schedule will be revealed at the same time that the mint date is announced.


How many can I mint?

Each wallet on the Phase 1 or Phase 2 allowlists will be eligible to mint a maximum of 2 Now Passes total. If/when the Phase 3 public mint is reached, any wallet (including Phase 1 and Phase 2 wallets) will be eligible to mint up to 3 Now Passes total while supplies last..


What’s the story behind the artwork?

Created by nft now’s CTO & Creative Director Aaron Baker, aka Nostalgic, the Now Pass pays tribute to the generative art movement through its design and development. Procedurally generated through a custom application, the Now Pass artwork embodies the concept of being “the signal in the noise.” Each piece contains various rarity traits and unique attributes relating to shape, color palette, and noise density.


What is nft now?

nft now is the award-winning web3 digital media platform building the future of tokenized media. Its mission is to empower the creators of culture and bring web3 technology from niche to mainstream.

Web3 represents a singular opportunity to redefine how creators and communities share in the value they create. nft now believes this technology will power a new economic model for creatives across all disciplines. As a diverse and multidisciplinary team, nft now embraces a culture of innovation, celebration, and accountability as they work to build a more meaningful future through positive social impact and amplification of the voices that need to be heard.


What does it mean to mint?

To mint means to purchase the asset through the blockchain. This mint will happen on the Ethereum blockchain. You will need to hold ETH in a crypto wallet extension such as MetaMask or WalletConnect to participate in the Now Pass mint.


What is Ethereum and the blockchain?

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain that makes its ledger publicly available and has a smart contract application layer. Blockchains are distributed ledgers that are securely linked through cryptography.

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